Leads Data Report

📬 See All Your Leads Data In 1 Place

🏷️ Effortlessly Check Vital Leads Information

🔍 Stay in Control Via Data 

All Your Data At Your Fingertips

🌟 No More Asking Sales Reps About Data

🌐 Streamlined Data Tabulation

📊 Automated Data Flow 

Track All Your Lead Sources Instantly

📈 Comprehensive Lead Source Data:

360-degree view of Lead Sources for informed decisions.

🕵️‍♂️ Real-Time Monitoring:

Stay updated, engage timely with new leads 

Know Follow Up Stats & Closing Rate Fast

🚀 Automated Follow Up Stats:

Know your follow up status instantly and course correct

⏱️ Time-Saving Audit:

Save time by going through leaky leads that was not followed up on properly

Other Important Features

Leads Dashboard

Manage All Your Leads In One Unified Dashboard

Leads Inbox Manager

Manage All Your Leads Conversation in One Unified Inbox