Case Study

How Singapore’s Largest Family Karaoke Centre Increase Their Booking Rates 


About HaveFun Karaoke

HaveFun Karaoke, the largest family karaoke chain in Singapore, has been a popular destination for families, friends, and music enthusiasts for over a decade. Despite their strong presence in the entertainment industry, they faced a challenge in increasing booking rates and providing a seamless booking experience for their customers. To address this, HaveFun Karaoke implemented Exabloom, a WhatsApp automation tool, in early 2021. This case study explores how this implementation led to significant improvements in booking rates and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Before adopting Exabloom, HaveFun Karaoke faced several challenges:

Booking Inefficiencies:

Booking karaoke rooms was a cumbersome process, requiring customers to make phone calls during peak hours. This often led to long wait times and frustrated customers.

Missed Opportunities:

Many potential customers abandoned the booking process due to difficulty reaching the karaoke chain or receiving timely responses.

Customer Engagement:

Engaging customers beyond their visit was challenging. There was limited communication after their karaoke session, which could have been an opportunity for upselling and gathering feedback.


The Solution

HaveFun Karaoke implemented Exabloom to streamline customer communication and automate various aspects of their booking process:

WhatsApp Booking Automation
With Exabloom, HaveFun Karaoke introduced a WhatsApp booking system. Customers could now initiate bookings, check room availability, and even make reservations directly through WhatsApp. This reduced the need for phone calls and provided a convenient way for customers to book karaoke sessions.

Automated Responses
Exabloom’s automation capabilities allowed HaveFun Karaoke to set up automated responses for common customer inquiries. This ensured that customers received quick and accurate information about room rates, available time slots, and any ongoing promotions.

Booking Reminders
Exabloom was used to send booking reminders to customers a day before their scheduled karaoke sessions. This reduced no-shows and allowed customers to make adjustments or cancellations, thus optimizing room utilization.

Post-Visit Engagement
After each karaoke session, customers received a thank-you message from HaveFun Karaoke via WhatsApp, along with a link to a customer feedback survey. This helped gather valuable insights and improve the overall customer experience.

Analytics and Performance Tracking
Exabloom’s analytics tools provided HaveFun Karaoke with insights into customer engagement patterns, booking trends, and response times. This data allowed them to continually refine their messaging strategies and operational processes.

The Results

Increased Booking Rates
Booking rates saw a remarkable improvement, with a 40% increase in the number of karaoke sessions booked through WhatsApp within the first three months.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Customers appreciated the convenience of the WhatsApp booking system and the timely responses they received. This led to higher customer satisfaction scores and positive reviews.

Reduced No-Shows
Booking reminders reduced the number of no-shows by 25%, ensuring better room utilization and increased revenue.

Enhanced Customer Engagement
The post-visit engagement through WhatsApp allowed HaveFun Karaoke to maintain a connection with customers, resulting in repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Operational Efficiency
By automating responses and booking processes, HaveFun Karaoke’s staff could focus on providing better in-person customer service, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.



The integration of Exabloom into HaveFun Karaoke’s operations brought about significant improvements in booking rates, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. The use of WhatsApp automation not only simplified the booking process but also enhanced customer engagement, reducing no-shows and improving post-visit interactions. This case study demonstrates how Exabloom’s WhatsApp automation solution helped HaveFun Karaoke solidify its position as the largest family karaoke chain in Singapore while providing customers with a seamless and convenient booking experience.

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