Case Study

How Carrie K, improve their referral rates and repeat purchaes with Exabloom


About Carrie K.

Carrie K. is a distinguished e-commerce brand specializing in unique and handcrafted jewelry. With a presence both online and in retail, they faced the challenge of efficiently managing customer appointments, retargeting interested buyers, and nurturing repeat purchases. In 2022, Carrie K. embraced Exabloom, a WhatsApp automation tool, to streamline these processes. This case study explores how Exabloom’s implementation revolutionized customer interactions, increasing appointment bookings, follow-ups, and repeat sales.

The Challenge

Before adopting Exabloom, Carrie K. encountered several challenges in their e-commerce and retail operations:

Appointment Booking Complexity:

Coordinating customer appointments, especially for in-store visits, involved manual effort and often led to scheduling conflicts.

Retargeting Challenges:

Identifying interested buyers and effectively retargeting them for follow-ups and repeat purchases required a more efficient system.

Customer Engagement:

Nurturing customer relationships and encouraging repeat purchases needed an automated approach that retained a personal touch.


The Solution

Carrie K. integrated Exabloom into their e-commerce and retail operations to address these challenges:

WhatsApp Appointment Booking

Exabloom introduced a WhatsApp-based appointment booking system. Customers could now initiate appointments, check availability, and receive confirmations or directly through WhatsApp.

Automated Retargeting

Exabloom automatically identified potential buyers and engaged them with personalized messages, product recommendations, and promotions based on their previous interactions and preferences.

Repeat Purchase Campaigns

Exabloom facilitated automated campaigns targeting past customers, encouraging them to explore new collections, special offers, and promotions.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Carrie K. utilized Exabloom’s capabilities to send personalized messages, including birthday wishes, loyalty program updates, and exclusive offers, ensuring ongoing engagement.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Exabloom provided comprehensive analytics, helping Carrie K. measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, understand customer behavior, and optimize their WhatsApp communication strategy.

The Results

The implementation of Exabloom had a significant impact on Carrie K.’s e-commerce and retail operations:

No More Late Appointment Replies

The WhatsApp-based appointment booking system led to an instant increase in bookings reply rate, as customers & staff found it convenient and efficient.

Enhanced Retargeting

Automated retargeting resulted in a boost in follow-up engagement with interested buyers, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Improved Repeat Sales

Automated repeat purchase campaigns led to  increase in sales from existing customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized recommendations and promotions.

Strengthened Customer Relationships

Personalized customer engagement through WhatsApp fostered stronger relationships, leading to higher customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Time and Resource Savings

Automation reduced manual administrative tasks, allowing the Carrie K. team to focus on strategic initiatives and customer-centric activities.


The integration of Exabloom into Carrie K.’s e-commerce and retail operations resulted in significant improvements in appointment bookings, customer retargeting, and repeat sales. The WhatsApp automation solution not only simplified complex processes but also enhanced customer engagement, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue growth. This case study showcases how Exabloom empowered Carrie K. Jewelry to provide a seamless and personalized experience for their customers, both online and in-store, ultimately contributing to their brand’s success.

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