Exabloom’s Journey

Birth Place: National University of Singapore

Exabloom was started by two co-founders, Godfrey & Raffles. Both were university mates back then. 

When both of them were studying, they co-founded their previous startup Learnseeker – which were later sold after graduation. 

Through this experience of starting and selling their startup, they noticed that businesses need help to automate communications with their customers in order provide better quality and more efficient service.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug again, both decided to start a 2nd venture together, and it has now become a thriving business with more than 1,000,000 messages being processes daily!

Why Choose to Work With Us?

We understand businesses.

As entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience and working with 100s of other business owners over the years. We deeply understand what businesses are going through and created Exabloom to solve some of the toughest problems in operations and customer communications. 

Through delivering exceptional service and product, we aim to make delight every customer that worked with us. 

We specialize. 

Most products out there tout about their all-in-one function. While that is true, we realized that business owners want something to be done well instead. 

Having too many features and functions means that nothing is done particularly well as resources are spread out. 

At Exabloom, our product is designed specifically to solve for sales and follow up problems in a business when it comes to customer interactions. 

With Exabloom, you can expect deeper functionalities that can do more quality work from us. 


How is your software different from other CRMs out there?

Exabloom is designed for leads-based businesses to increase their conversions specifically. Our tool is more specialized, built to solve the problem of sales follow up compared to other tools in the market. 

Book a trial with us to find out more! 

What are your pricing options?

We provide a 1 month free trial for new users. On top of that, our pricing varies depends on the size and needs of each business, it would be best to speak to our representatives for detailed consultation.

Is your A.I. accurate?

Yes, our A.I. is pre-trained to your company’s knowledge and is 100% accurate. 

Do I have to set up by myself? Are there any setup fees?

No, we do all the set up for you, and we don’t charge a set up fee. So if it doesn’t work out – there is no risk and loss on your side.